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Ben Sturgulewski


Sturgefilm founder Ben ‘Sturge’ Sturgulewski grew up on a rugged and remote island in Alaska’s Aleutian Chain, inspiring a life dedicated to the exploration of the world’s wild side, and the people who call it home. Infused in all aspects of filmmaking as a director, cinematographer, editor, and writer, he’s worked in definitively nasty and awe-inspiring conditions around the globe -bringing a unique cinematic perspective to a wide range of filmmaking mediums, be it documentary, narrative, action sports, or commercial.

These projects have created a portfolio of acclaimed films that have appeared in festivals worldwide, and have taken home dozens of awards for cinematography, editing, creativity, and storytelling - as well as overall grand prizes. In online releases, Sturge has produced a strong library of Vimeo Staff Picks and viral videos with over seven million views. His collaborations with agencies, collectives, production houses, and personal passion projects continue to take him on new and unexpected adventures.

When not on the move, Sturge lives, works, and plays around Anchorage, Alaska.

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