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Chasing The Wild: Rush Sturges Polaris XPEDITION
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Edge of The Unknown


The most important park of each project is assembling a team that can provide the full range of professional skills necessary to create a truly lasting finished product. Each individual on the River Roots team brings a special set of skills that allow us to take on any project.

Rush Sturges

Director | Producer | Editor 

Rush Sturges is an acclaimed adventure filmmaker and professional whitewater kayaker. Rush has spent equal time in front of and behind the camera, directing and producing projects like “The River Runner” (available on Netflix)...

Matt Baker

Cinematographer | Aerial Camera Op

The acclaimed cinematographer behind River Roots Productions, Matt Baker is a master at getting the shot. He’s constantly searching for innovative ways of capturing stories and has built an impressive, diverse body of work...

Skip Armstrong

Director of Photography

Skip has worked in film for over 15 years as a Director, Director of Photography, and aerial DP. Skip is the consummate perfectionist and prides himself on environmental adaptability, good humored fun, and above...

Darby McAdams


Darby McAdams is an accomplished filmmaker and kayaker from western Montana. Her drive in competitive kayaking and experience in expedition paddling has carried over into her approach to production. She has contributed to several award-winning...

Aidan Haley


Aidan Haley is a sought-after film editor with over a decade of diverse experience in feature films, commercial film, and documentary production. His career has taken him around the world, from major cities like Paris...

Paul Wolf Wilson


Paul Robert Wolf Wilson is a Klamath & Modoc photographer, based in his ancestral homelands of Southern Oregon and Northern California. His work is focused on the connections between human beings and the lands they...

Sarah McNair-Landry


Having grown up with the Arctic Ocean for a backyard, Sarah is no stranger to the cold. She is the youngest person to ever travel to both the North and South Poles, and is the...

Erik Boomer


Driven by an innate love of adventure, Erik Boomer has established himself as one of the most accomplished whitewater kayakers of his generation. He is renowned for his willingness to seek out the most hostile...

Ben Ayers

Writer, Producer

Ben Ayers is a climber, writer, documentary film maker, and humanitarian based in Kathmandu, Nepal. He started his career studying (and carrying loads with) Nepal's mountain porters, eventually starting the advocacy organization Porters' Progress that...

Fred Norquist


Visit Website...

Cyrus Reynolds


A classically trained composer, Cyrus holds a Master of Arts from London's Royal Academy of Music. At the heart of his sound is the orchestra, most recently working with the Philharmonia Orchestra at historic Abbey...

Ben Sturgulewski


Sturgefilm founder Ben ‘Sturge’ Sturgulewski grew up on a rugged and remote island in Alaska’s Aleutian Chain, inspiring a life dedicated to the exploration of the world’s wild side, and the people who call it...

Carl Zoch


I’ve been lucky enough to take photos professionally for 15 years. I’m grateful to have been able to travel the globe, chasing light and the human story with my camera. I began my career 1...