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Sarah McNair-Landry


Having grown up with the Arctic Ocean for a backyard, Sarah is no stranger to the cold. She is the youngest person to ever travel to both the North and South Poles, and is the first woman to be recognized by the International Polar Guides Association as Master Polar Guide. She has explored some of the coldest, most remote regions on earth, traversing the Greenland Ice Cap six times, kite skiing 3,300 KM to retrace the Northwest Passage, and spending four months circumnavigating Baffin Island by dog team. As the owner of NorthWinds Expeditions, she has led expeditions to both poles. She has shared her love of the outdoors through a series of acclaimed documentaries, including Way of the North and Gauge. Her films have been produced and distributed by the National Film Board of Canada; Mon Année 20, Taking Shape, and Pour ne pas perdre le Nords.

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