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Darby McAdams


Darby McAdams is an accomplished filmmaker and kayaker from western Montana. Her drive in competitive kayaking and experience in expedition paddling has carried over into her approach to production. She has contributed to several award-winning projects, including the short films: A Baffin Vacation, Before I Die, and Paddle Tribal Waters, and the Netflix feature film The River Runner. Darby is committed to raising awareness of environmental issues through her work as a Leader in Environment, Access, and Diversity (LEAD) with Northwest Paddling Supplies. Her latest film, Near The River, amplifies the voice of a local community near the Zambezi River in Africa as it faces the threat of a mega dam proposal. Outside of production she pursues extreme racing and freestyle kayaking, and recently placed first at the U.S.A. Freestyle Kayaking Team Trials in Columbus, Georgia.

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